Legal advice
as a competitive advantage
Competitive advantages are not gained by doing what everyone else does, but by doing something differently and better. KOCH has the same demands on its advice: no intellectual monoculture, but legal flexibility, experience and courage to break new ground. This must lead efficiently and legally to the goal. The focus is on the client: KOCH aligns legal advice solely with their interests and needs.

KOCH is the commercial law firm for entrepreneurs and enterprises. As a legal partner, she has her domain in legal corporate & finance advice. If necessary, KOCH draws on experts from its network to develop and implement the holistic solution in a multidisciplinary team - like a good tailor-made suit, optimally tailored to the client.
The legal and business management competence of KOCH as a general legal advisor and project manager, paired with the proven expertise as a specialist, corresponds to this demand for advice. KOCH's legal domains are company and organizational law in the corporate area, i.e. in particular commercial, company and group law, as well as financial law and financial services supervisory law in the finance area.

A particular strength of KOCH is developing legally innovative solutions for special requirements for which there is no blueprint. On the one hand, legal creativity is indispensable for this field of consulting. On the other hand, only legal excellence and many years of legal, business and entrepreneurial consulting experience ensure the required quality of the tailor-made solution, so that it is not only legally justifiable, but convincing and practical.

In this way, legal advice from KOCH becomes a competitive advantage for the client.

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