a holistic partner
The focus is on the client: KOCH focuses legal advice solely on his interests and needs – with a view of the whole.

KOCH is the business law firm for entrepreneurs and enterprises. As a legally holistic partner, it has its domain in legal corporate & finance advice. An entrepreneurial problem or project is often not limited to one area of ​​law. KOCH has enormous experience in elaborating joint solutions with other experts, whether as a specialist or as a project manager in the client's team.

At KOCH, however, the client is not limited to finding the right experts in other consulting fields himself. Rather, KOCH can be the contact for his questions. If necessary, KOCH draws on experienced experts from its network to develop - if necessary also in a multidisciplinary team - the holistic solution which, like a good suit, is optimally tailored to the client. The composition of such a team from the KOCH network is determined solely by efficiency and the prospect of an optimal contribution to the holistic solution - entirely in the interests of the client and without any conflicts of interest.

The legal and business management skills of the founder of KOCH correspond to this claim: a general business lawyer with a wide range of experience and, at the same time, with proven specialist expertise.

KOCH advises a sales representative of factoring products in a special market on founding his own factoring company. The client has developed the factoring products for this special market and has sold them there very successfully so far. Until now, however, the complete contractual processing was carried out by an external factoring company.

When the client starts his own factoring company, the separation from his former factoring partner becomes controversial because he sees his business dwindling. The factoring partner is trying to use an injunction to prevent his former sales representative from competing. KOCH represents the commercial agent in court and at the same time advises him comprehensively on the establishment and development of

- His new factoring company;
- The financing of the purchase of receivables;
- The design of employment and service contracts;
- The design of the factoring contracts;
- Etc.

At that time, factoring could still be operated without a permit under the German Banking Act (KWG) if it was not structured as a banking transaction. KOCH designs the business model of the factoring company in such a way that no KWG license is required.

After KOCH has won the court case for the client, the newly founded factoring company can get started. When the factoring business becomes subject to a permit in 2009, KOCH assists the factoring company in obtaining the factoring permit in accordance with the KWG and thus accompanies the client in the supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bundesbank. The factoring company's business is doing well; it becomes the market leader in its niche.

KOCH is the constant contact for the factoring company, not only for all questions relating to the strategic development of the company, but also for all other legal questions that arise. Now, with many questions it is important to the client that the legal issues are processed under KOCH's leadership due to the special relationship of trust that has grown over the years. The factoring company does not need an in-house legal department. As the main contact, KOCH as an external legal department takes care of any legal advice that may arise. If necessary, KOCH draws on experts from its network to find the best possible legal solution for the client efficiently.

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